Synopsis Practice Coordinators – Eloy and Monika!

Synopsis Practice Coordinators – Eloy and Monika!

Meet Monika and Eloy, the project coordinators for Synopsis Practice Lisbon! Without these two, Synopsis Practice wouldn’t be what it is today! This blog looks to give you some information on who Eloy and Monika are and what they do with Synopsis.


Eloy is from Bueu, in Spain and has been working for Synopsis since 2019. Eloy graduated from Universidade de Vigo where he studied BA in Audio Visual Communication and went on to study an MBA in Digital Postproduction at Universitat Politècnica de València. He is now currently studying an MBA in Sociology by Universidade de Lisboa while working as a Project Coordinator at Synopsis Practice! Eloy already has some experience with Erasmus when he worked for Solidarity Tracks NGO through the Erasmus Volunteering Service in Lefkada, Greece.
Eloy is a well-travelled person and has lived in Lefkada, Greece, Bratislava, Slovakia and Lisbon as well as numerous towns in Spain. He also speaks a number of languages including Galician, Spanish, Portuguese, English and enough Slovakian, Hungarian and Greek to order some beers and food!
He also has a number of interests including basketball, music, festivals, hiking, photography, cinema, traveling, reading and politics.
Eloy breathes Synopsis Practice and is constantly working hard to help Synopsis Practice grow. He assists with any issues our interns may have from picking them up from the airport, to sorting out WiFi problems! He also plays a vital role in increasing the exposure of Synopsis Practice through social media channels and the website as well as assists with organisation and administration tasks.


Monika is originally from Poland and has studied a Masters degree in Spanish Language & Culture at the University of Warsaw. She has also undertaken an Erasmus programme studying Portuguese Language and Culture Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. As well she has taken part in a Comenius Programme developing her skills as a Spanish Language Teacher in a Public Secondary School in Budapest, Hungary. Monika also did an Erasmus Mundus Master studies in which she had to teach the Spanish language in multilinguistic and pluricultural contexts in Bilbao, Barcelona and Berlin.
She also has a wide range of experience teaching language and culture through art therapy in Polish School in Barcelona and has been a tour guide in Lisbon as well as a hostess on a vintage fishing boat spa in Polar Circle in Norway! She has a number of interests such as learning and teaching foreign languages, travelling, playing the accordion, dancing in European folk circle dances and is completely in love with Lisbon and Portugal, especially with the food and people. She also speaks a multitude of languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian and some French.
Monika puts together a number of language lessons for the Synopsis practice interns and classes range from beginner to intermediate. She also assists with social media posts, uploading blog posts as well as administration and organising tasks. She also provides our interns with guided tours and local information.
Check out some of the great work they’ve done through checking out Synopsis Practice social media accounts and by reading more blog posts!

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