It’s safe to say that our interns have had a very adventurous time during their stay in the Portuguese Capital. None more so that Nando and Lawrence, two cycling enthusiasts who have been tearing around the streets of Lisbon on two wheels! This blog looks to get their view on how they’ve enjoyed their cycling adventures in Lisbon!

Nando Merino

Nando is a web developer intern at Synopsis Practice and has been in Lisbon since September! Here’s what he had to say about his cycling experience in Lisbon!
“Lawrence and I met upon arrival at Lisbon airport, we are both participants of the Erasmus + scholarship, I noticed that he was traveling with his bicycle, like me, and that we could be good fellow cyclists. Our first bike rides were through the city of Lisbon, which offers spectacular slopes to reach its viewpoints with beautiful views. In addition, within the city of Lisbon itself, we have the Monsanto natural park, with many roads between trees that allow you to enjoy nature without leaving the city. The bicycle has also helped us to meet Portuguese friends, such as Jose Dionisio, with whom we have shared many routes around the outskirts of Lisbon discovering incredible places such as: Nazaré, Sintra or Cascais.”

Lawrence Aylwin

Lawrence is coming to the end of his 3-month internship with Parkio and Estart4 as a digital marketing intern. This is what he’s had to say about his cycling experience in the Portuguese Capital…
“Cycling in Portugal has been an amazing way to explore my new home. You get to see so much more of the city and surrounding areas than you would in a car or on a train. My favourite experience here was cycling to Cascais along the coast which is beautiful and then up towards Sintra through the hilly countryside.”

Nando and Lawrence also managed to get us some nice photos and videos of their cycling trips! Check them out!

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