Discover The Captivating Coastlines of Lisbon

Discover The Captivating Coastlines of Lisbon

Setubal: Lisbon’s Tropical Neighbour

Incredibly, only thirty miles south of Lisbon is Setubal, a place which feels vastly different to its metropolitan neighbour with beaches more typical of tropical terrain. Even better, as it lies within the Lisbon metropolitan area, its reachable at no extra cost for anyone with a monthly metro pass. As summer reaches its peak, a trip to Setubal, whether just for the day or longer, is an essential. The appeal of Setubal is comprised of its smaller and more suburban city feel positioned beside the breath taking Arrábida Natural Park with hiking trails, opportunities for wild camping, white sand and clear blue seas. Antonia, our Synopsis Practice intern, tells us about her recent adventure to Setubal below:

“My trip to Arrábida Natural Park was surreal and felt as if I’d remarkably transported to a paradise only an hour away from the centre of Lisbon. The landscape is wild and a vast transformation from the urban views I’m used to being surrounded by daily. Driving through the park on winding mountainous roads, you are surrounded by seas of green trees for as far as the eye can see. It’s immediately clear that Arrábida is a place that you could spend days exploring and spending time between hiking and relaxing on one of its beaches. If ever returning to the park, I would be sure to plan to stay overnight in one of the campsites in order to be able to see the magic of the park at night and to prolong my stay there! For one day, however, I recommend Praia de Galapinhos, an unspoilt and hidden gem with transparent water and concealed caves.”

Welcome to Guincho  

This is one of the most popular Atlantic beaches known for a number of different things, firstly, its known for its surfing culture, Guincho is amazing for experienced surfers, with incredible waves that roll onto the sands, the incline of the beach allows for amazing waves and tides to be formed not matter the weather condition. Moreover, if you head south from Praia do Guincho there is the Ciclovia do Guincho – cycle path which is a very scenic cycle path that follows along the coastline to Cascais. Lastly towards the end of the beach there is a yellow painted “Fortaleza” which is a fort that has been converted to a five-star hotel with wonderful architectural design.    

Guincho Review

A beautiful spot in a stunning setting with the historic hills of Sintra as a backdrop. It is very close to Lisbon and does get crowded, particularly on the weekend. But nevertheless it’s a must visit if you’re a beach junkie.

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