ANNEA are a renewable energy startup, established to provide a predictive maintenance service for wind turbines and other sustainable energy assets. Whilst currently located between Lisbon and Hamburg, ANNEA are currently undergoing an exciting expansion to various, new areas of the world. As a fast-growing company realising innovative solutions for positive environmental change, they provide an enriching and integrated experience to participating interns. This week, we visited the ANNEA team at their vibrant co-working space in Alvalade. CMO, Dana Sultanova, along with the current interns; Fahmida and Millennia, gave us a look in to their daily routines and highlights of their experience so far.

Dana, could you tell us about the markets you are currently operating at?

Dana: We started our business in Europe and are now represented in several countries in Europe. Since last year, we have already started to develop to Russia and Kazakhstan, and we are now expanding to South East Asia.

What are your aspirations in terms of future markets?

Our long time goal is to expand to other countries and to become number one predictive maintenance software for the renewable energy sector.

Interns, what is your role within the company and what does a typical day look like?

Millennia: Hi, my name is Millenia and I am a Digital Marketing Intern. My daily responsibilities involve updating the website, creating digital content, and organising weekly review meetings.

Fahmida: I’m Fahmida and my role is Marketing Intern. I’m in the office twice a week working as part of a team doing market research and creating infographics. When I’m not busy with that, I help the technical team with research and testing.

What can future interns expect from an internship at ANNEA?

Fahmida: My advice would be, before you start at ANNEA, to do some research in to predictive maintenance and renewable energy sector so you are well informed about the industry and you have a leg up on what’s going on. Of course the renewable energy sector has been around for years, so to be up to date on what is going on currently would be really useful. Also, ask lots of questions and try your best to be involved with additional activities.

Millennia: Future ANNEA interns can expect to be given a lot of responsibility from the get go, I felt part of the team from the beginning which has made for a great environment.

What has been your highlight of your experience so far?

Fahmida: Working in such a beautiful coworking space! There is a nice atmosphere and if you’re someone who values your working environment, it’s an extremely calm space with lots of greenery and sunshine.

Millennia: The one that stands out is working on the German accelerator and learning what it takes to upscale a startup business.

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