This week we paid a visit to EasyTalk, a language school operating across several areas in Lisbon, to gain some intel on how classes are carried out and how our Erasmus interns have integrated in to work. The language lessons at EasyTalk are predominantly focused on teaching professionals a second language to a proficient standard, available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Together with Ana Rita Paulino, the Didactics and Training Manager, and interns; Connor, Lucas, and Adrian, we have complied some useful information about the experience of an internship at EasyTalk…

Firstly, we spoke to Ana Rita about the background of EasyTalk and how they work today…

Ana Rita: EasyTalk is a school of languages created seventeen years ago in a small town south of Lisbon and has, from there, expanded to a smaller office (the corporate office) and we’re getting ready to open a third school in Lisbon. We cater to all ages from five years onwards, which means we teach all ages and all levels including The University of Cambridge levels who we have a partnership with.

Can you describe what interns can expect to experience during a placement at EasyTalk?

Ana Rita: The internships here are quite practical. The interns will start with a round of teacher observation and training in terms of process and procedure at the school (lasting about two weeks) We then give individuals small groups of students and let them start slowly. The great advantage for us with having interns is that they’re young with new ideas, enthusiasm, and motivation. This means that our students enjoy their lessons with the interns and it rubs off positively on all of us. With out a doubt they add value to EasyTalk.

Let’s meet the interns, could you introduce yourselves and tell us about your daily life at EasyTalk?

Connor: Hello, I’m Connor, a teacher here at EasyTalk. Initially, my daily tasks involved observing lessons, writing reports, and receiving feedback. Now, I’ve advanced to delivering my own lessons to both adults and children with a variation of general English and business English.

Lucas: Hi, I’m Lucas and I am a trainee teacher at EasyTalk. An average day starts on teams, making sure I have everything ready for my lessons. After that, it’s a case of delivering the lessons and keeping track of the progress for each class.

Adrian: My name is Adrian from Spain. I am an English Teacher at EasyTalk. On a day-to-day basis, we started by observing lessons from experienced teachers until we were ready to assume the responsibility of teaching alone. I definitely feel like I’m learning a lot from this experience and enjoying it!

What’s been your favourite moment of your Erasmus+ experience?

Connor: My favourite thing about this trip so far has been surfing! I’ve done it four of five times now and love the whole experience. Professionally, learning to teach hands on has been my highlight as I’ve gained invaluable experience.

Lucas: The biggest highlight for me has been exploring the city. I love being able to get to know a big city and we’ve had the unique opportunity to see Lisbon with less tourists. At EasyTalk, it’s been great to be able to teach face to face and interact with the classes in person.

Great! And lastly, do you have any advice for future interns?

I would recommend this experience to anyone as you have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and who share the same passions and interests as you. It’s also great to work with such experienced teachers who are sure to help you out and increase your confidence.

Thank you to Ana Rita, Connor, Lucas, and Adrian for talking to us. Continue the great work!

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