Museum Gulbenkian – Celebrating Portuguese Artists from 1900-2020

Museum Gulbenkian – Celebrating Portuguese Artists from 1900-2020


The Gulbenkian museum presents the collection amassed by Calouste Gulbenkian, one of the most important private collections of international art. besides the Founder’s Collection, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is also comprised by the Modern Collection, which features the largest and most complete collection of modern and contemporary Portuguese Art.


It all started in the late 20th after a sterling crusade which spearheaded the feminist movement, this lead to women becoming more infatuated and more involved than ever before in the world of art, the surfacing of this gave women major belief and acceptance perusing a role in both art historical discourse and artistic production. Women being captivated by art started of with them purchasing artworks which then became the driving factor for more women to study in the leading art schools. Giving birth to a new generation of women artists that would make waves in the modern art.


We took a trip to the Gulbenkian museum to uncover the two hundred pieces of work by 40 Portuguese artist between the beginning of the 20th century which was on show in this large exhibition. The first part of the exhibition started in the lower tier of the museum and there we got to witness the pieces of art that were by women it was a tribute to female artists and to show them great appreciation. Celebrating art by women is crucial as they have played a integral part. Below you can see some of the outstanding art that we captured by them.

Pictures taken of the art in the lower tier of the exhibition


The second part of the exhibition which took place upstairs was compiled of more contemporary pieces of work that were largely abstract, amusing and symbolic. Majority of the art in this tier was impressionistic of the 20th century bringing to light conceptual views relating to this era. Majority of the art in this section would be labelled ambiguous which come across as enigmatic and obscure, below are examples art pieces of this.

Pictures taken of the art in the second tier of the exhibition

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