Studio Gameiro

Studio Gameiro

Studio Gameiro is a highly innovative architectural studio which offers interns the invaluable opportunity to traverse smoothly in to a professional environment. Speaking to João Gameiro, we had the opportunity to view the space and speak to the minds who are behind the design-focused agency that specialises in exploring relationships between traditional artisanship, sustainability and bespoke interior and architectural solutions.

The studio have delivered solutions for interiors, lighting design, furniture design and architecture. Their project history spans from creating designs for apartments and facades to a collaboration on a unique style of capsule chair.

During our time at Studio Gameiro, in the serene bairro of Príncipe Real, we were able to hear from both João and the Studio’s latest intern, Barbara, about what can be expected from a work placement at the Studio in terms of daily tasks and learning opportunities.

Learn more with the video below and quick look in to the studio…

Introduce yourself…

I’m João Gameiro, I’m Portuguese and have lived here all my life but spent some time working in London.

Tell us about the studio…

We’ve been doing a couple of different projects so far from residential to commercial. The types of project we’ve been doing are spread over Portugal and the UK. The type of Architecture we do is based on sustainable materials so we are always searching for techniques which respect this.

What can interns expect from a placement at Studio Gameiro?

This is our first time having an intern from this kind of programme and we’re happy so far. I think it’s a programme that helps people to integrate in to their professional life in a smooth and easy way.

Barbara, tell us about yourself…

I’m an intern/ architectural designer at Studio Gameiro where I’ve been working for the past month. We mainly work on residential and commercial projects in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal.

What are your daily tasks?

As part of my daily tasks, I usually work on creating models and visuals for clients.

What is your favourite thing about the company?

My favourite aspect of the company is their sustainable and bespoke approach. So far, I feel this experience has been very rewarding and I’ve learnt new things every day.

Thank you to Studio Gameiro for letting us in to have a chat!

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