Crystine Bonneau Studio

Crystine Bonneau Studio

Our visit to Crystine Bonneau Studio, one of our associated work placements, gave us the opportunity to speak to Crystine and her newest intern, Tiffany, about the company and their roles. The studio is just one of the interior architecture and design studios, with alternative locations in France and Spain. Initially in Marbella, Crystine has built her studio based on a desire to design unique spaces and construct special environments. The studio has created spaces for a diverse variety of hospitality venues internationally.

Find out more about Crystine Bonneau Studio and Tiffany’s experience there with the following interview and video…

What can you tell us about Christine Bonneau Studio?

We are a French Interior Architecture and Design company who specialise in construction and renovation of hotels, restaurants, and casinos. We’ve been working for more than fifteen years creating unique spaces.

How was the company born?

I founded my own studio fifteen years ago. It started with clients asking me to design for a hotel, and then a restaurant, and so on.

What brought the studio to Lisbon?

Because there is good craftsmanship and an array of suppliers working with different materials; so you get a good mixture of everything here… and the lifestyle, of course!

Tiffany, what is your favourite thing about working at Christine Bonneau Studio?

My favourite thing has to be the freedom. I get so much space to be creative and my colleagues listen to my designs and let me know what is working and what isn’t.

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