Boa Safra is a sustainable furniture store based at the LX Factory in Lisbon. Boa Safra means “good harvest” in Portuguese and every year they design and develop new products: Boa Safra Design Harvest. The new designs are conceived by Portuguese designers and made locally with time and dedication. The Boa Safra product range is defined by aesthetic simplicity, timeless design and the use of natural materials. In addition to sustainable produced products, Boa Safra offers an interior design service which can include customised furniture and home organisation consulting which helps to translate the personality of every client. You can find out more about what Boa Safra do here – 

Boa Safra in eyes of our Social Media Interns

OUR INTERN: Nafisha Nulwala

Our Intern Nafisha has been working at Boa Safra for approximately 8 weeks and is loving the whole experience of being an Erasmus+ intern so far! To find out a bit more about what she does, we asked her a series of questions:

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from and why did you choose to do an internship?
“Hi, my name is Nafisha, I’m from London and I chose to do this internship to gain more experience and improve my overall employability.”
2) What’s your job title and daily tasks at Boa Safra?
“My role at Boa Safra is of a Web and Social Media Assistant! My day consists of a number of tasks including creating engaging content for a number of different social media sites, managing those social media feeds and conducting market research of potential clientele!”
3) What’s it like working for Boa Safra?
“Working at Boa Safra has been great! I love the brand ethos and values on sustainability, so it’s been incredible to learn about a sustainable furniture design company and what goes on behind the scenes.”

4) What’s it like working at the LX Factory/Synopsis Practice office?
“Working at the LX Factory was exciting because it’s such a unique tourist attraction, but also because of the small business community there and you get to explore new shops and restaurants every day. The people at the Synopsis office were really welcoming and down to earth! It was a pleasure working with them.”
You can find out more about the LX Factory by reading our blog post here –

5) How do you think the Erasmus+ internship with Synopsis Practice has benefitted you?
“This internship with Synopsis Practice and Boa Safra has been such a great opportunity for me. I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone and have learned how to handle new tasks and responsibilities as a Web and Social Media Assistant. I’ve been able to apply my prior knowledge of digital marketing and content creation to the role and I’ve loved working with a renowned and ethically conscious brand.”
6) What do you think of the city of Lisbon itself and would you recommend visiting?
“Lisbon is such a welcoming, diverse and stunning city! Living here has been such a refreshing experience and I would definitely encourage people to visit, at least once in their lifetime! I would also encourage anyone who is looking to boost their CV and increase their employability to look into taking part in an Erasmus+ internship with Synopsis Practice.”

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