NAE (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand and proposes a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect to the environment! NAE Vegan want their clients to identify themselves with the NAE philosophy and aim at marketing their products to those who are looking for Portuguese quality footwear that present an increase responsibility to the environment. NAE Vegan is based at the LX Factory in Lisbon. Checkout our blog post on the LX Factory here: http://synopsispractice.pt/welcome-to-lx-factory/

NAE Paula Pérez- the company founder


Paula Pérez established NAE Vegan shoes 12 years ago and mentions that creating a sustainable business has been challenging yet extremely rewarding. She believes the market for sustainably manufactured and ethically produced vegan shoes is increasing as more consumers are changing their buying habits and meeting the NAE Vegan philosophy. Paula mentions that the vegan shoe brand relies heavily on the digital exposure of the brand and therefore believes that having a number of interns focusing on different social media sites is extremely beneficial to the company. Moreover, she believes having a number of international interns from a range of backgrounds adds to the cultural diversity of the company.


NAE Vegan interns: Hollie Gamble (left), Wandi Banda (middle), Lateefah Brown (right)

Hollie Gamble

Hollie is from Belfast and is a graphic design intern. She has loved throwing herself into her internship while also meeting a bunch of new people. She has also enjoyed seeing the sites around Lisbon. As a graphic designer, the Erasmus+ internship has benefited Hollie as she has been able to work with real clients which in turn will boost her CV and increase her employability.

Lateefah Brown

Lateefah mentions that one of the highlights of her experience so far is gaining independence living in a brand-new country that she can explore. She has also really enjoyed meeting new people in a completely new environment. She mentions that the Erasmus+ internship with NAE Vegan has given her a broader understanding of digital marketing.

Wandi Banda

Wandi is from London and mentions that she’s loved being thrown into a completely new environment and meeting people from a range of backgrounds. She has also loved applying what she has recently learned in her university degree to a real world, international business. Wandi is an aspiring marketer and the experience with NAE Vegan and Erasmus+ has allowed her to develop some international experience while exploring her chosen field further. Moreover, she has been able to develop her Portuguese skills through weekly language classes provided by Synopsis Practice.

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