This former textile factory is now a thriving retail hub with a multitude of shops, bars and restaurants. Its timeless cobbled streets and amazing artwork makes it a MUST SEE in the Portuguese capital! This blog post looks to delve into the factory’s history, what it is today and why it’s an unmissable location when in Lisbon!


The LX Factory originally stems all the way back to 1846 where it was a weaving and textile factory. After becoming one of the most significant production facilities in Lisbon, the company “Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense” decided to move production meaning the LX Factory was abandoned! The industrial complex laid empty for a significant amount of time until 2008 when a rejuvenation project began. Since then, the LX Factory has never looked back, becoming a hot spot and must-see place for anyone visiting the Portuguese capital.


After years of being hidden from the public eye, this little fraction of Lisbon has become a creative hub with a wide and eclectic range of shops, bars and restaurants! Built on the bones of the industrial site, the LX Factory hosts music, fashion and art shows throughout the year and is one of the epicenters of Lisbon’s nightlife scenes at the weekends!


There are so many amazing places to eat at the LX Factory including “Cantina” which stands in the place of the former factory canteen. Nowadays, Cantina serves traditional Portuguese dishes! Another savoury option would be “Burger Factory” who apparently make the best burgers in town. The only way to figure that out though is to try them yourself! Dessert lovers don’t worry! There are numerous places you can go to distinguish your sweet-tooth cravings such as LXeese Cake who serve a wide range of delicious cheesecakes in multiple flavours. An abundance of sweet treats can be found at Landeau Chocolate, a place dedicated to showcasing what can be done with a humble cocoa bean! Drinks-wise, there are plenty of restaurants to drink at which offer happy hour prices during weekdays! There is also the famous Rio Maravilha rooftop bar which provides crazy-good cocktails and views of the 25 de Abril Bridge.See more about restaurants and bars by clicking here: https://lxfactory.com/en/category/restaurants/.


Shopping-wise, there are a vast number of retailers selling stuff from handmade jewellery to tattoos! There really is a bit of everything which is why the LX Factory is such a good shopping experience. Synopsis Practice currently has 3 interns working at the LX factory in Nae Vegan, a vegan footwear retailer as well as another intern working for furniture store Boa Safra! Expect to be hearing more about that in the near future! Every Sunday, the LX Factory hosts a flea market which sells everything from vintage clothes,to food and jewellery and is well worth visiting!Find out more about what shops are at the LX Factory here: https://lxfactory.com/en/category/stores/


Being a creative and cultural hub in Lisbon, the LX Factory has its fair share of amazing street art which makes the place a feast for the eyes! Here’s some of the best we’ve seen:

To discover it a bit more, watch the following video made by our Social Media interns:

LX Factory

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