OUR ANNEA INTERNS: Khashiya and Emily

OUR ANNEA INTERNS: Khashiya and Emily

Meet our Erasmus+ interns, Emily and Khashiya, who are working for ANNEA in Lisbon. They’re over five weeks into their stay here in Lisbon and have just about settled in! We joined them for a day to see what they get up to on a daily basis and to find out more about how they’re enjoying their experience so far. Read on to see more about what work ANNEA does and how Khashiya and Emily have been getting on!



Based in Hamburg, Germany, ANNEA provides the next generation of condition-based predictive maintenance and underperformance detection for renewable energy assets. They provide end-to-end solutions for automated drive train vibration analysis based on cutting edge artificial intelligence and physical modelling. Since its inception in 2019, ANNEA has been ranked 14th in the top of 100 fastest growing start-ups in Germany. The high ranking of ANNEA can be accredited to a 50% increase in staff since the company launched. This increase in staff combined with a 236% increase in social media engagement and presence amplifies the pace at which the company is growing. The rapid success of an innovative company makes Khashiya’s and Emily’s experience all the more exciting and valuable. But what exactly do our interns get up to on a daily basis at ANNEA?

KHASHIYA ADEGBITE: Digital Marketing and SEO Intern

Since starting with ANNEA over 5 weeks ago, Khashiya has been learning so much about digital marketing and SEO! Day-to-day she works on a range of tasks from general website and SEO maintenance and helps with the creation of printed and digital marketing materials. Khashiya has also played a vital role in the development of ANNEA’s social media strategy and community management. She mentioned that one of her favourite aspects of the role is the office she works in as well as being able to learn on the job.

EMILY LIMA: Digital Marketing Intern

Emily has been making the most of her Erasmus+ internship so far with ANNEA. She’s been throwing herself into a range of tasks including creating and editing video content for multiple platforms including the ANNEA website and social media accounts. Emily has helped to maintain ANNEA’s online presence through creating digital marketing materials. She said she thoroughly recommends the Erasmus+ experience and has loved working and learning with such an innovative and exciting start-up!

To find out more about what Khashiya and Emily get up to on a daily basis and how their Erasmus+ experience is going, check out the video below!


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