ERASMUS+ INTERNSHIP: Daniela Sisserian

ERASMUS+ INTERNSHIP: Daniela Sisserian

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Erasmus+ participant working as a digital marketer in Lisbon? We joined Daniela to find out more about her role and how she’s finding her experience so far. Daniela graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA in History and Politics and has just completed an Erasmus year abroad studying Political Science at Free University of Berlin. She is now almost 5 weeks into living and working as a digital marketer in the Portuguese capital.

Read on to hear more about what she does and her experience so far!

What´s Daniela´s role?

Daniela is a digital marketing Erasmus+ participant working for Parkio Portugal (, a Lisbon based parking app designed to make it easy to find and pay for the perfect parking spot. Daniela’s main roles include developing blog posts, creating email marketing templates and researching Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Working 4 days a week, Daniela spends half of her time in the Parkio office and the other half here at Synopsis as it’s much closer to her flat, meaning she can spend less time commuting and more time working! She believes she’s learned so much in such a short period of time and has broadened her ideas about what she wants to do in the future.

Favourite part of her experience so far?

One of her favourite parts about being an Erasmus+ intern so far is being able to meet new people from a range of backgrounds while getting the opportunity to live and explore a brand-new city. She mentions “A particular highlight for me was being able to see the sights of Lisbon without any tourists in sight!” Daniela went onto explain that she loved the guided tour given by Synopsis’ very own Monika in which she got to see the beautiful sights Lisbon has to offer. On the tour she also got the chance to try out some local delicacies such as ginjinha (a cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup) and vinho verde (a traditional Portuguese green wine).

How will this experience benefit her moving forward?

Not only has being an Erasmus+ participant allowed her to discover a European paradise, it will also greatly increase her employability. International work experience in an exciting company such as Parkio will look amazing on her CV! This along with a weekly Portuguese lesson as part of the Erasmus+ programme means she will become fully immersed in the Portuguese culture during her time in Lisbon.

See below a short video of Daniela to find out even more about her experience!


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